A little birdie told me that the Raven is back.


What’s with that face?

Hello there, lesser mortals. I’ve been away for a very very very long time, as you can tell but how else is a bird to gather gossip? And as to why I’ve been away, well, because some people have a life, that’s why. Also, I didn’t want to be that lame blogger stereotype who sits around posting stuff while downing a BUCKET of coke and bags of chips. I mean, how unhealthy is that? Whatever. They can all die and I shall feed on their decaying corpses.


Wear this you prudish #$%&*.

Now, I’m going to write about something that’s been bothering me for a long time. You know how there are two kinds of prudes? The hypocritical type who gasps at every damn thing in society and then goes home and makes out with the hot latino poolboy. Then there are the ‘dry down under’ poor souls who just need to get laid because seriously showing ankles was considered scandalous like in the last century so just GROW UP, YOU OLD FLEABAGS. God. They make me so angry.


Meet Allen Ginsberg played by *drool* James Franco.


The cute couple :
Aaron Tveit as Peter Orlovsky and James Franco as Allen Ginsberg.

So we were watching Howl, the other day. You know, the movie adaption of the poem written by hottie literati Allen Ginsberg. Now, I love this dude. His poem is so brilliant and so suited to our times and the verses are just in your face, you know? Like OMG-that’s-just-what-I-thought-a-minute-ago-and-look-this-dude-totally-gets-me type. I think it is safe to say that Howl changed America and the way we look at poetry today.The poem also had this sensational battle in court because it was this scandalous piece of poetry; of course the court battle actually gave it more publicity so BOO YA censor boards.


“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.”

Anyway, we were watching the movie and the movie, like the poem, refers to a lot of hot boy-on-boy sex and boy-on-girl sex and there were a lot of phallic symbols and you know, ejaculations and stuff. And boy, did these prudish bitches  people freak out. Stop giggling and appearing all scandalized and just watch it for the beauty of it all! It’s just two naked bodies humping each other. God, like seriously get a life. The worst part? They are the latter type of prudes. You know, the ‘dry down under’ ones. So it’s not even like they were pretending to be aghast. What a bunch of lametards.

And this happens all around us, folks. People still think that seeing a certain body organ is a sin. Or talking about it. Or thinking about it. I mean, we’re all 18 years and above here for crying out loud! Why all this drama?

So. What I guess I’m trying to say is that call a dick a dick. Reclaim the right to call your vagina a vagina. It is okay to talk about it because why not? It is only because we treat sex and the organs involved with it as taboo that so much shit happens around us all the time. And can we all stop pretending like sex is a bad thing? Anything this pleasurable cannot be bad. Period.

And if you still disagree, here is what you can do :


Till later,


Read the poem here : http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/179381


On The Mend


So I have attended something like two weeks of college this semester because it’s just been one incident after another. The latest battle I had to face was against a particularly nasty strain of Typhoid which left me in the hospital for 4 days. If that wasn’t enough, I must have a week’s rest and miss two exams and classwork. I’m completely lost as it is academically, so I have no idea what I’m going to do!

But in any case, what this experience has taught me more than anything is how much I hate hospitals. Being constantly poked and prodded is invasive and annoying, but more annoying than that is the smell of the hospital. It took me two days to get rid of it completely and I can still get a whiff of it here and there occasionally.

The best thing about being in the hospital was the amount of visitors I got. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends… You name it, they were there. I was scared they’d all catch the disease from me and pass it around due to all the hugs being exchanged all over. The Mango Mustache Crew visited too, and it was seriously the best thing ever seeing them brighten up my room. They brought me enough books to open a small library and enough jokes to laugh the germs out.

The nurses were absolutely sweet and fantastic as well, and tried their best to keep my pain and discomfort at a minimum. But I think the people who deserve the most thanks are definitely my parents. They both took turns watching me day and night, helped me walk to the bathroom, fed me and cared for me and just made life so much more easier even when I was on the verge of passing out. Although a lot of the time I’m rude to them, I fight with them, and they make me want to rip my own hair out, there’s no one who will ever care for me the way they do, and that’s true of any parent.

In any case, here’s a picture of like five minutes after I got admitted:

I can tell you that drips hurt, but less than tattoos, so don’t worry. However, if you hate needles and get sick.. I’m sorry. 😦

I apologize for this post being so short, but I promise I will post something longer this week; I really have nothing better to do but hang around at home and ‘focus on getting better’.  -_-

Also, please do take care of yourselves, everyone. This is the season for diseases like malaria, typhoid and dengue so you need to be extra careful and watch what you eat and touch. You never know where that pani-puri you’re going to put in your mouth has been… Or the hand that feeds you, for that matter!


Norwegian Would?

Nope, although any Beatles song makes me feel calm and sends me back to my happy place, I’m not talking about the song, but the novel of the same name by Haruki Murakami. However, it would be better if you listened to the song before reading the book, since that’ll make your reading experience more nuanced in my opinion. If you’re like me, who loves anything to do with The Beatles, then you’ll like this book a lot more.

It’s a lovely song so no worries there.


The song was mainly written by John Lennon about an affair he’d been having while he was still married.  The song in the book is used as an instrument to portray the protagonist’s dilemma between two women. I won’t call it a love triangle. Just a protagonist’s relationship with two women, how both these women represent personal choices for him, and which one he chooses in the end. I wish I could explain it more eloquently but let’s go with that.

Those of you familiar with Haruki Murakami know what kind of writer he is. Surreal, mystical, addictive, depressing, sad, strange, a total quack, yet ingenious in many ways. This is my fourth Murakami book including a collection of short stories, and so far it’s my favourite. But it’s my favourite for now because I didn’t understand Kafka on the Shore at all. See, there’s the paradox. You often go “What the fuck am I reading?” or “What on earth is happening?” but you still continue reading it to the end. Kafka on the shore is a brilliant, surreal book in that way but you need to read it at least 20 times to have any tangible idea of what it’s about.

Oh wait, I’m supposed to be talking about Norwegian Wood.  This is the wikipedia synopsis.

Norwegian Wood (ノルウェイの森 Noruwei no Mori?) is a 1987 novel by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. The novel is a nostalgic story of loss and sexuality. The story’s protagonist and narrator is Toru Watanabe, who looks back on his days as a college student living in Tokyo.  Through Toru’s reminiscences we see him develop relationships with two very different women — the beautiful yet emotionally troubled Naoko, and the outgoing, lively Midori.

The novel is set in Tokyo during the late 1960s, a time when Japanese students, like those of many other nations, were protesting against the established order. While it serves as the backdrop against which the events of the novel unfold, Murakami (through the eyes of Toru and Midori) portrays the student movement as largely weak-willed and hypocritical.

This is a distillation of what the novel is about on a somewhat superficial level. This book is more mainstream than Murakami’s other books. It’s not as whimsical, random, surreal and metaphysical, but it is a unique love story. It is depressing, but if you ask anyone how his books are, they won’t exactly say it makes you happy. It’s an addictive sadness.

You know those days when the skies are cloudy. Not rainy but just plain cloudy. You either want to sleep in the entire day or if you’re up, you just feel melancholy. Not depressed, just a subtle sadness. It’s not an entirely unpleasant feeling and it’s a very easy, lazy emotion to settle into. Reading a Murakami is exactly like those days, and this book in particular encapsulates that melancholy feeling perfectly,

If you have lots of patience, and you want to read something introspective, I recommend this. It makes you think a lot, and it has lots of gorgeous quotes. One thing about Murakami, his books always have beautiful quotes.

“Death was not the opposite of life. It was already here, within my being, it had always been here, and no struggle would permit me to forget that.” 

“You know what girls are like. They turn twenty or twenty-one and all of a sudden they start having these concrete ideas. They get super realistic. And when that happens, everything that seemed so sweet and lovable about them begins to look ordinary and depressing.” 

“It’s good when food tastes good, it’s kind of like proof you’re alive.” 

“I’ve never once thought about how I was going to die,” she said. “I can’t think about it. I don’t even know how I’m going to live.” 

“Of course life frightens me sometimes. I don’t happen to take that as the premise for everything else though. I’m going to give it hundred percent and go as far as I can. I’ll take what I want and leave what I don’t want. That’s how I intend to live my life, and it things go bad, I’ll stop and reconsider at that point. If you think about it, an unfair society is a society that makes it possible for you to exploit your abilities to the limit.” 

It’s weird. The characters are so real and grey and wonderful that you can practically have a conversation with them, but they also represent something. You know how people in real life represent something to you? Like some people represent superficiality, others, bitchiness and just general stuff like that, The characters in this book do the same thing. Except, when people are a symbol in real life, we don’t stop to think about it, because they’re just people on the surface to us. But when you read about something like that in a book, with all their real emotions, it becomes something more. You start to think. You start to question. That’s why I like Murakami. That’s why I think he’s deserving of the Nobel.  He brings something special to something so ordinary.

It might be a love story to a lot of people, but if you really, really read it with all the patience in the world, you’ll see how people are like choices. People are like life and death. You can gain or lose something. You can understand the struggles of those choices, and relate to them.

I give this book a 4/5 but I’m kinda biased since I love the way he write.  I’m sorry for the tardiness and the general laziness.

Turning 19 and other things

Hi everyone! So I turned nineteen this weekend. It was a nice birthday, my parents were here for the weekend along with my sister. She stayed with me, so it was nice to have some good quality sister-bonding time, though honestly it was more like a One Direction talkathon (She’s thirteen with an obsession for 1D). I do have to admit that I’m a pretty big fan now 😛 My friends gave me some really nice things for my birthday, here’s a pic.
I had promised last time that I would upload some pictures of new earrings that I had bought, so here they are! I’m quite the Indian jewellery lover.


We also had our Ethnic day last Saturday, and here are a few photographs. I didn’t wear a sari because I’m not very good at moving around in one, so I decided to take the easy way out and wear a salwar kameez instead. Last year though I did wear one, here are a few pictures.
Ethnic Day DSCF1101
The first picture was taken this year, the second was taken last year with a friend of mine.
This week has been so hectic for us, we’ve been so swamped with work from college, but thankfully we managed to find time to do relax. Until next week, Sneha 🙂

And we’re back (finally!)

Hi everyone, I know its been a really long time, too long in fact but we here at Mango Mustache have been pretty busy but that is no excuse.
I’ve been racking my brain to figure out a topic for this post but then I realized, why not open my (highly limited and tiny wardrobe stuffed with clothes) and gain some inspiration? So this season I’m really obsessed with grunge clothing and slightly punk-ish dark-borderline-masculine clothing.
I had a simple jacket that I transformed into something that I’d actually wear, unlike the misshapen, men’s (my father’s actually) jumper that it was.I can’t wait to wear it for a night out. I just need to get a pair of lace up Doc Marten type shoes (hard to find in India). I always make the mistake of forgetting to take a before picture. But this jumper was an ordinary full sleeved jacket which I hacked off the sleeves of, and stitched on some metal studs that I had removed from another top. so there is only an after picture sadly.
Grunge vest
I also had a plain white shirt with frills running down the front, and I stitched some denim onto the shoulders along with gold beads in the shape of Xs. I also converted the collar into a Chinese collar, if you can call it that. It is a work in progress however because I still need to remove the frills and add denim in its place. I’ll probably wear it over something else like a T-shirt or tank top.
White shirt DSCF1404
I really like loose fitting shirts, T-shirts and tanks. I’m also loving the over-sized army print jackets, high-tops, boots and Doc Martens and the tiny backpacks, messengers bags and totes all in black or dark colours. Grunge is really in this season and many celebrities have been seen sporting it like Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne. British fashion house Topshop and designer label Saint Laurent have integrated grunge into their clothing lines for this year.
2910508_amolook1 flannelwaistbevogued

For the rainy/cold season I love wearing a 3/4th sleeve top or sweater with jeans, a scarf and Converse. They never go out of style. Recently I also bought a few pairs of earrings which I will include in next week’s post because I have not taken any photographs of them yet. I adore this new pair of Indian chandelier earrings that I bought a month back and I’ve decided to wear it with a white shirt, purple pants and white sandals. I will also include a picture of the ensemble next week.
So that’s about it for now. The other members will start posting soon too, so stay tuned and I’ll be back next week!


So I’m sitting here on my bed wondering what the heck I should write considering I’ve been non-existent in the blogosphere for more than two months. I’m still wondering, but all I can say is a simple, almost meaningless word like sorry. I don’t want to make excuses, because it would be unprofessional of me. Anyway, all I can say is that I’m back, so uh yay?

While I was neglecting the blog, I had loads of fun during the summer. I managed to screw up driving, but you learn something new everyday. I interned at a newspaper, which was enlightening to say the least. And the best part was that I went to Scotland! Such a beautiful country, with amiable people. I thought I at least owed you guys a travelogue of the trip and wanted to make that my “welcome back” post. To come back with a bang or something, but as usual I have to be irresponsible and wasn’t able to load my pictures to the computer. But the Scotland trip post will greet you on the blog eventually. Promise.

I’m sort of winging it for this post. I was thinking I’d do a post on ten books of different genres that you could read but then I thought, what a blah way to come back.

Coming back to college is such an anti-climax after that wonderful trip. You’re just like, “What am I doing here? I was in an epic place doing epic things and having an epic time just yesterday!”  The monotony of everyday really seeps the emptiness in you. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s as if you are living an alternate life somewhere else, in a place you’d rather be, and your physical body is living reality. It has no life. Maybe that’s why it’s so hollow.

On the plus side, it’s good to see friends again. Oh that’s right! I know this is out of topic but I’d like to recommend two amazing movies if you have time. One is a korean movie called “A Werewolf Boy”, which is AMAZING. I honestly didn’t expect it to be good but it’s adorable, bittersweet and tragic. Don’t watch it if you hate crying though.

Another is “Little Women”, the 1994 adaptation. Most of you are familiar with the  books by Louisa May Alcott. I thought the movie was adorable. It has big names like Winona Ryder, Christian Bale, Kirsten Dunst and Claire Daines. It’s a sweet coming of age movie.

Ahh..other than that, I’m having the worst writer’s block ever. It’s my first ever writer’s block and it’s eating me up from the inside. I’m stuck with this story I’ve been working on for more than a month now. It’s static. It refuses to move, adjust or behave. I feel like abandoning it, but unfortunately I can’t since I made a commitment to a magazine.

This has taught me a lesson which I generously pass on to you. If you have something you like to do, spend more time doing it the way you want to. Sing the songs you like. Write the stories you want to. Cook the food you love. If you’re caught up in submitting it somewhere or entering some kind of contest, you’ll be so worried trying to meet someone else’s conditions and trying to meet their expectations that it becomes work. Passion should never become work. So do it the way you like. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t share your gift at all. Just don’t break your head. And besides, if you keep working and doing the things you like as much as you can, you’ll have so much more to offer and share, and you’ll be able to give something you’re proud of and something you think is good. That isn’t happening here unfortunately.

Well, it’s wonderful to be back after so long. I’m happy that I am able to share things with you guys again. Granted, I didn’t share much with you today but I thought it would be better to officially make a “welcome back” post than to jump into another topic like nothing happened.

I promise to be back next week. Hopefully, it will be about Scotland. Thanks for staying with us despite us procrastinating. Y’all are awesome.

So long, farewell!  ♫


Lyrical Dissonance

Another week gone, full of mischief, mayhem, excitement and fun. Who am I kidding? Naw, it’s the same old shit. So I’m a huge fan of Youtube right? I love Youtube Celebrities. So many of them are so hilarious. It fascinates me that you can make money off of fricking Youtube of all things. So  my post is “inspired” by some videos by Alex Day and KevJumba (mostly Alex) , both of whom are bloody talented and funny. In a few of Alex’s videos he’s basically taken song lyrics and analysed them, making you realize how utterly nonsensical it is. Here’s a couple. Please check them out later.

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evdljyJYIPQ
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XryPzUlzM9w

So I’m gonna do the same thing, take some semi-recent songs and y’know, enlighten you on the deeply philosophical and poignant lyrics our musicians are coming up with in accordance to these deeply troubled times.

1. Feel This Moment-Pitbull Feat Christina Aguilera See my problem with Pitbull is, I don’t listen to his songs to listen to him! The chorus is the catchiest and the nicest part, which is the same case here with Christina’s part outshining his (though the chorus doesn’t make much sense either.) Now enough of that, here’s a small part of the song. Pitbull’s obviously articulating the whirlwind of emotions he feels due to fame or the moment or whatever. The point is, it’s deep. Like, real deep.

Ask for money, and get advice

Ask for advice, get money twice

I’m from the Dirty, but that chico

nice Ya’ll call it a moment, I call it life


2. What’s My Name-Rihanna 

Oh na na, what’s my name?

Oh na na, what’s my name?

Oh na na, what’s my name?

Oh na na, what’s my name?

Oh na na, what’s my name?

What’s my name, what’s my name?

I heard you good with them soft lips

Yeah, you know word of mouth

The square root of 69 is 8 some,

right ’cause I’ve been tryna work it out, oooow

So all I can decipher out of this small bit is that Rihanna has ostensibly forgotten her name and is asking a deaf  person named Nana to educate her with the same. Drake then answers seemingly implying her mouth is good for….something. He is also attempting to do some math, which is good I guess, but someone should tell him 8 is the square root of 64. 69 doesn’t have a square root. It also appears that he’s a bit slow, since he’s been trying to figure that out for quite some time. Well, can’t blame the guy for lyrics like this. I mean, if you think the square root of 69 is 8 after working on it, I won’t expect prosaic genius.

3. Love you like a love song- Selena Gomez

Okay, so I might have included this since I personally can’t stand this woman singing. I mean seriously doll, you’re pretty, you’re not a terrible actress, you seem sweet and all, so why the heck must you sing? Whatever, I guess it’s nice she’s making terrible stuff I guess, since her voice doesn’t ruin anything.

It’s been said and done Every beautiful thought’s been already sung

And I guess right now here’s another one So your melody will play on and on, with the best of ’em

You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible

A sinful, miracle, lyrical

You’ve saved my life again

And I want you to know baby

I, I love you like a love song, baby I,

I love you like a love song, baby I,

I love you like a love song, baby

And I keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat


So she’s saying that this is just another one of those beautiful love songs with nice feelings, which btw REALITY CHECK, IT’S NOT! And her love for the  guy is so awesome that this song is one of the best love songs ever (LOL). So I dunno, I’m a bit confused but she’s either saying that her feelings for him are so epicly epic that the song with those feelings of epicness is one of the epice-est lovesongs evah! Or she’s saying she loves him like, other people love other people. After they love other people, they write songs about it, which is what she’s doing, I think. Don’t ask me to repeat that. See what stupidity does?


4. Scream And Shout- Will.i.am Feat Britney Spears

This, I assume is the chorus? It’s sung, or breathed or rapped or whatever the fuck she’s doing-by Britney.

When you hear this in the club

You’re gonna turn the shit up

You’re gonna turn the shit up

You’re gonna turn the shit up

When we up in the club

All eyes on us

All eyes on us

All eyes on us

See the boys in the club

They watching us

They watching us

They watching us

Everybody in the club

All eyes on us

All eyes on us

All eyes on us

Okay, so first she TELLS us, not asks mind you, tells us we’re gonna turn the music or the “shit” up when we’re go to the club, which btw HOW THE FUCK DOES SHE KNOW? 😮  Then she says all the eyes will be on us and the guys in the club will be watching us. I dunno about you guys but this sounds like some awfully stalkerish behaviour, don’tcha think? “They watching us.” How creepy! Seriously, if you’re not gonna make sense, at least not make sense in a pleasant way okay! Instead of this pseudo-stalker, thriller kinda crappy lyrics.

On a serious note, Britney, you’re the one who needs to “turn her shit up”.

5. Bow Down-Beyonce

Beyonce! Singer of “If I were a boy”, “Halo” and “Single Ladies”, known for her empowering lyrics! So let’s see what the queen has come up with recently huh?

I know when you were little girls

You dreamt of being in my world

Don’t forget it, don’t forget it

Respect that, bow down bitches

I took some time to live my life

But don’t think I’m just his little wife

Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted

This my shit, bow down bitches

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Well, that escalated quickly.

So I’m guessing she’s addressing this to her legion of fans who’ve basically grown up with her, and telling them to er..bow down to her. Well, it’s true that people did call her queen but me thinks that she took it a bit too seriously. She also appears to be saying that people shouldn’t forget how awesome she is and respect her and “bow down” to said awesomeness. Apparently some people doubted her while she was off procreating Blue Ivy and Her Highness didn’t take it well at all. She doesn’t want to be known as Jay-Z’s wife which is nice and all, but it’s kinda obvious she’s the more famous of the two, so really Bey, no need to throw a bitchfit now. And also, I BOW DOWN TO NO ONE. Except you know, Batman. And you ain’t no Batman, Beyonce.

Well, that’s all for today. If you know of songs with simply ludicrous lyrics, let me know and I might feature them in Part 2.

Be good and Play safe.


Mango Time

Eating mangoes during the summer is so synonymous with being home for me because as a child we had a beautiful mango tree in our backyard and my sister and I used to wait in anticipation for it to bloom and give us fruit. Sadly the tree had to be cut down because it became infested with pests, but that has hardly stopped us from buying them or stealing them from neighbours (I’m kidding, of course I don’t steal, I merely help out the neighbours by unburdening them of their mango troubles).
This past week has been pretty good for me. I attended a friend’s fashion show, had an entertaining sleepover with friends and did some stitching in my spare time. This post has a list of miscellaneous items that I will be mentioning because I don’t really have anything specific to talk about.
First, I’ve decided that I will give lipsticks a go, and the latest one to add to my collection is a Maybelline colour essential in the Lustrous Lilac shade. I think it goes well with my skin colour (well I hope anyway).
Maybelline Lipstick Maybelline lipstick
Next, as I mentioned I did a bit of stitching, and I stole my mother’s denim shirt (I seem to be doing a lot of social service for people, for the neighbours, now my mother not that she would mind of course) and I DIYed the crap out of it. Well I tried to anyway. I just stitched ona bit of turquoise lace, that’s all.
DIYed shirt front Denim shirt
I want to mention this really cool app called Trendabl that is available on Apple products, (not sure about Android though, Blackberry definitely not). It’s an app that is very similar to Instagram except it’s only for fashion. For example you can upload pictures of what you’re wearing to a party, or a pair of new shoes, or even a new manicure. Anything from new trends, street styles, funky nails to ramp fashion, high end brand products and everything in between.
I did something a little mad recently. I’m not sure if I posted about bleaching the tips of my hair in my room when I was in Bangalore, but yes that’s what I did. My hair was pretty long, and it’s incredibly hot at home, so I just pulled out a pair of scissors and chopped off my hair. I do NOT recommend anyone doing the same, not because your parents will probably go berserk (let me put it this way,mine weren’t too happy about it) but also it is impulsive and unnecessary, and I do need to go to a professional hairstylist to get it cut the normal way. I will add a photograph in a post soon after I get it cut, so that it doesn’t look like it was bitten off by a bunch of rats (or my mad dog).
I also want to add that Indian designers Falguni and Shane Peacock will be designing the wedding dress for tattoo artiste Kat Von Dee. I think that is simply outstanding for Indian designers to reach such a platform in International fashion.
I have a bit of a creepy obsession for supermodel Cara Delevingne. I think she’s just so cool and she’s so different from what you would expect from someone who’s had such a fancy upbringing. The best part is that she is not what you’d call your everyday supermodel, she seems so normal.
Enough about Cara Delevingne, if you guys have any questions or comments, or if you want me to do something funky with clothes like stitch something, then please email me at mangomustacheblog@gmail.com.
Have a great week! xx

Summer Smoothies

TGIF! : )

I decided to try to  be a little more productive during these holidays and experiment a little more in the kitchen. I love making interesting stuff to eat because I absolutely adore food and constantly search for new dishes to try. My obsession with smoothies actually started last December in Kerala. I was at Kovalam Beach at this gorgeous restaurant called the German Bakery with one of my best friends. I remember we were ready for a day at the beach and we had just finished a bit of yoga early in the morning before heading down to the restaurant for a bite to eat. I ordered a banana-oat smoothie and it was seriously just… perfection. It beat a lot of other drinks I’ve had and since then I’ve been fantasizing about replicating it.

Over the next couple of months I was living by myself and I didn’t have access to a kitchen, so my friends and I were making do with the little milkshake/juice shop at the corner of our street and on our college campus, but I never did find that perfect banana-oat smoothie. Now that I’m home and I have a kitchen, I can terrorize my mother with my little experiments [which are usually successful].

I spent some time looking up some smoothie recipes and finally mixed them around to come up with my own. I usually do not use measurements and cook by eye and taste so though I shall give you some measurements, I recommend you taste along the way and decide what you like best because it might be too sweet, not sweet enough etc.

I’m going to show you how to make two smoothies: A banana-oat smoothie and a strawberry-banana smoothie.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

This smoothie is very refreshing and really does taste like summer, along with being packed full of anti-oxidants and energy. It’s a good substitute for a bag of chips or cake for a snack and cools you down immensely, which is a big plus in this weather.


Half a banana [if you’re using little bananas, then use 1 whole]

5 strawberries

half a cup of skim milk

half a cup of yogurt [preferably low-fat]

3 teaspoons of sugar/2 teaspoons of honey [you can reduce or increase the amount depending on your taste]

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

crushed ice



Cut the fruit into little slices so they’re easier to blend, and remove the leaves from the strawberries. Put the fruit, yogurt, milk, vanilla essence and sugar/honey into the blender and blend until it’s somewhat smooth. It should look like this, a little frothy and not altogether that creamy:



At this point you can add the crushed ice. Remember to crush the ice manually before putting it in the blender because ice cubes can damage your machine [I learned the hard way]. After you’ve added the ice, you can keep blending until you get a cold, creamy and smooth mixture.



Pour into a fancy glass, garnish with a tiny strawberry and voila! You have yourself a fantastic, pinkish smoothie!




Banana-Oat Smoothie

Now this smoothie is extremely filling and high in fiber. It is a brilliant breakfast food or a post-workout drink because it gives you instant energy and helps lower your cholesterol, along with keeping you full and away from unhealthy snacking.


1 banana [or 2, if you’re using the little ones]

a handful of oats

half a cup of skim milk

half a cup of yogurt

3 teaspoons of sugar/2 teaspoons of honey [you can reduce or increase the amount depending on your taste]

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

crushed ice



It’s pretty much the same as the previous smoothie. Remember to cut the banana into slices before you put them in the blender and then add the oats. Put in the yogurt, milk and vanilla essence and blend until you get a frothy, somewhat smooth mixture. You can then add your crushed ice, but remember to crush it manually first and not put in ice cubes [I cannot stress how important this is. Your mum/friend/partner will kill you if you ruin the blender]. After adding the ice, keep blending until you get a very smooth mixture, which might take some time due to the thickness of the oat.

Finally, pour into a fancy glass and garnish with a tiny slice of banana, and yay! You have breakfast! : D

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So there you have it! Two delicious and healthy smoothies you can make yourself easily at home and enjoy. You can make smoothies out of any fruit and even vegetables, for example a spinach-banana smoothie or a papaya-carrot smoothie. If you liked this recipe or have any more you want to share with me, email me at mangomustacheblog@gmail.com or leave a comment below. Let me know if you tried it out. : )


Yet another rape post

So another little girl has been raped in Delhi, another life thrown in the deepest depths of hell. She lives on of course, but I mean our society and our world when I say hell, and she has seen it, and faced the devil in the eye.

The thing that’s most surprising is that I don’t feel shocked, repulsed or even angry anymore. It’s just a grim acceptance that things are never going to change. Things will always be the same. Humans are ugly creatures, meant to hurt and cause pain. After the Delhi rape, there’s just an aura of hopelessness around us. Promises are made and never kept. The Prime Minister “condemns” it and is “saddened.” We hold protests, candle-light vigils and make comments behind the thick curtain of facebook. And then what?

All we can do is blame someone else. The Government isn’t doing its job. The police are so insensitive towards woman. Politicians are sexist. For a whole week or month, people will put up profile pictures of a black dot, or share empowering messages. And most of these people are such hypocrites. It sickens me.

These people who “condemn” rape are the first to joke about it. They’re the first to label someone a slut. They’re the first to make ridiculous comments with the assurance of the safety net the internet provides. They’ll all do this for a while, but as soon as a cricket match comes on, that little girl’s dignity doesn’t even matter. In fact when Delhi loses a match, they’ll actually make jokes about her getting raped. Of course, a stupid cricket match means more than someone’s life. That’s the kind of world we live in.

I feel so tired. I’m eighteen years old and I feel tired of the world. I wonder sometimes what the point of all this is. When a rape happens, the feminist in me instantly blames men, but then I look around me and realize humans themselves are botched creatures. All we can do is hate and destroy. When a man rapes another woman or when someone commits  a murder, we call them animals. Why is that? Animals don’t behave the way we do. They don’t believe in torture for the sake of pleasure. A lion kills for food and territory. Stuffing a candle up a five year old’s vagina? Don’t try to to protect humanity’s name by insulting animals. We are disgusting. Let’s admit it.

Not that I’m perfect either. I’ll be the first to admit that I have issues as well, but even so, there are certain things I’d never dream of doing, and I know if I’m doing something wrong. I am slowly becoming a misanthrope. Humans are fascinating creatures, yet so broken and damaged.

Here’s a small ode to the  little one.

Barbie dolls and flowery dresses.

A butterfly scrunchy for her thick black tresses.

A life of Sunday afternoon ice creams.

Astronaut, she thinks as a far-off dream.

A haze of a life, a life of  a haze,

She cannot remember, she’s in a daze.

She wasn’t there for long, she is told.

So much heat and pain, why is it now so cold?

Heaven and Hell, Night and Day.

She thought Hell was a place so far away.

“Was it punishment for being a bad little girl?”

“If I’m good now, will I find Heaven in this world?”

“Don’t cry or they’ll come back.”

She wills herself thinking of their words before their attacks.

She hasn’t slept in weeks no matter how the sky darkens.

How nice it would be if she could and then never awaken.

She hopes the devils can be punished, because they were bad as well.

They didn’t even seem that sorry, they told her never to tell.

She tries hard but she can’t help her tears.

No more Sundays, not now or ever in the coming years.

Okay, it’s not exactly the most poignant poem but this was what I came up with in the spur of the moment. I’ll see you all next week, with a more optimistic piece. 🙂